25 05, 2021

Polish LOTOS Petrobaltic wants to create ships for the construction of Polish offshore wind farms.

2021-05-25T14:18:59+00:0025 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS|

The Polish company LOTOS Petrobaltic from Grupa LOTOS is the only Polish mining company that deals with the exploration and production of oil and gas deposits on the Polish shelf of the Baltic Sea. The company wants to join the plan to build offshore wind farms by providing the necessary fleet of ships - [...]

25 05, 2021

The Baltic Sea offshore wind potential reaches 93 GW.

2021-05-25T14:15:44+00:0025 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS|

The Baltic Sea will play a key role in the development of offshore wind energy in Europe. The European Commission estimates that the potential of this sea is 93.5 GW. The Baltic Sea gives the Baltic states a chance for an effective energy transformation. The European offshore wind development strategy presented in 2020 assumes [...]

25 05, 2021

Kriegers Flak already has its 50th turbine. It is today the largest wind farm in Denmark.

2021-05-25T14:07:33+00:0025 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS|

The fiftieth turbine was installed at the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm. The project is carried out by Vattenfall in the Danish part of the Baltic Sea. According to the industry media, thanks to the installation of the 50th turbine with a capacity of 8.4 MW, the total capacity of the installation already exceeds [...]

25 05, 2021

Each job in the German offshore wind sector generates 2.5 new jobs in the supply chain.

2021-05-25T13:46:29+00:0025 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS|

One job in the offshore wind energy sector can generate nearly 2.5 new jobs in the supply chain, according to a report prepared by the German Ministry of Economy. The offshore wind sector is the driving force of the labor market and the economy. The analysis "Maritime added value and bn in Germany" was [...]

21 05, 2021

NEWSROOM: UE greenlights Polish offshore wind support scheme

2021-05-21T19:39:45+00:0021 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS, POLITCS NEWS, TOP NEWS|

The European  Commission approves €22.5 billion Polish scheme to support offshore wind farms. Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: “This Polish scheme is a very good example of how competition policy can enable Member States to support green energy projects, such as offshore wind farms. It gives the incentive to companies [...]

21 05, 2021

NEWSROOM: Ørsted breaks ground on first renewable hydrogen project

2021-05-21T18:59:47+00:0021 May, 2021|BUSINESS NEWS, OFFSHORE NEWS, PROJECTS|

Ørsted has started the onsite construction work on the H2RES project in Copenhagen.H2RES will have a capacity of 2 MW and will be situated on Ørsted's premises on Avedøre Holme in Copenhagen. The project will investigate how to best combine an efficient electrolyser with the fluctuating power supply from offshore wind, using Ørsted's two 3.6 [...]

19 05, 2021

Installed capacity in offshore wind farms in Swedish waters reaches 192 MW

2021-05-25T14:37:35+00:0019 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS|

According to Wind Europe data, at the end of 2020, the installed capacity in offshore wind farms in Europe amounted to 25 GW. There were 5 offshore farms in operation in Sweden with a total capacity of 192 MW. The country's authorities approach the development of offshore wind installations in a balanced way, its [...]

19 05, 2021

Danish-Estonian cooperation in the offshore wind area. Orsted and Enefit join forces

2021-05-20T15:37:35+00:0019 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS|

Estonia has ambitious plans to develop offshore wind energy. On the other side of the Baltic Sea is Denmark, which today is one of the leaders in the development of the offshore wind sector. In April 2021, the wind giant Ørsted and company Enefit, one of the largest energy companies in the Baltic countries, [...]

19 05, 2021

Danish Vestas sets a course for Latvia. The plan is to build a service hub

2021-05-25T14:37:41+00:0019 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS|

Vestas, the largest producer of wind turbines, is entering the Latvian energy market. The Danish company will deliver turbines to the construction site of the Targale onshore wind farm in Latvia. Vestas opened its first office in Latvia in April 2021. The plan is also to launch a service hub near the port of [...]

19 05, 2021

Rystad Energy: Investments in offshore wind farms could reach $ 810 billion until 2030

2021-05-25T14:37:48+00:0019 May, 2021|OFFSHORE NEWS|

As a result of the dynamic development of offshore wind farm projects until 2030, their total installed capacity may exceed 250 GW, according to the Rystad Energy report. Within a decade, investment and operating outlays for this purpose are expected to reach $ 810 billion. According to the available data, at the end of [...]

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